Ask listeners “What’s your number?” with Marketplace’s Economic Anxiety Quiz

Embed the Economic Anxiety Quiz on your website – new data available now!
Marketplace is offering an audience engagement opportunity tied to its election and economy reporting. For the past year, Marketplace has partnered with Edison Research to conduct quarterly national polls measuring how Americans are experiencing the economy. The results of these surveys have informed the Economic Anxiety Index—a number that helps describe how the nation’s economy feels on a personal level.

Marketplace’s “What’s Your Number” Quiz lets users generate their own economic anxiety scores and see how they compare to the national data. Marketplace will release its fourth national poll and index number today, with in-depth, on-air reporting through next week. We’re pleased to offer the opportunity to embed the quiz on your own website to engage your audiences and increase traffic.
What: Marketplace’s Economic Anxiety Index – “What’s Your Number” Quiz
Where: Your website
When: Quiz data AVAILABLE NOW

Easy to embed and mobile friendly
Embed the module on your website to give your digital audience access to Marketplace‘s unique quiz — whether they’re participating on mobile, tablet or desktop. Surround the module with your own branding and content to deepen their engagement.

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More ways to engage

Feeling anxious about the economy? You’re not alone. That’s why Marketplace developed the Economic Anxiety Index: to track Americans’ experience of their daily economic stresses. Tune in to Marketplace at [TIME] for the latest results, and visit our website at [insert web URL] to take the quiz and see how you compare.

  • Interviews: Contact your Station Representative for interviews with the Marketplace team.
  • Social Media: Use these call-out statements and questions to get the conversation started and drive traffic to your site:
    • Americans’ economic anxiety has reached a new high, according to our latest poll. [LINK TO QUIZ ON YOUR SITE]
    • 30% of Americans are afraid they’ll lose their jobs in the next six months. A year ago it was 10%. [LINK TO QUIZ ON YOUR SITE]
    • How does the economy feel to you? Learn your anxiety score. [LINK TO QUIZ ON YOUR SITE]
    • How do you compare on the @Marketplace Economic Anxiety Index? Find your number. [LINK TO QUIZ ON YOUR SITE]
    • How stressed are you about the economy? Take @Marketplace’s quiz to find out. [LINK TO QUIZ ON YOUR SITE]

Trust Marketplace to go beyond the headlines and explore the deeper economic issues at stake in this election. It’s coverage you can only find on Marketplace and, now, on your website, too.

Please contact your Station Representative to learn more about these offerings and the full portfolio of Marketplace programs.