Earth Day Offerings from BBC, APM Reports

We have two unique, hour-long documentaries for your Earth Day programming needs:

From BBC World Service: “CrowdScience: Earth Day Special”
How many people can Earth support? In just over 200 years, the global population has exploded from 1 billion to almost 7.5 billion – and the best estimates suggest continued growth. But just how far can it go? When will we reach ‘peak human’? Then, could trees be better at reducing air pollution? This question from listener Ciao in Brazil prompted presenter Marnie Chesterton to scale the branches of tree science to discover the answers. Read more.

Length: One hour
Broadcast Window: April 21-27

From APM Reports: “Thirsty Planet”:
Scientists say most people on Earth will first experience climate change in terms of water — either too much or too little. “Thirsty Planet” explores some of the most pressing water problems and some innovative solutions by visiting two countries where water issues are critical: India and Israel. Read more.

Length: One hour
Broadcast Window: Through March 23, 2018