Press, programmers praise The Slowdown

The Slowdown, our new, five-minute poetry program, has been receiving praise from the press and stations since its radio launch last month. Here are just a few recent examples:

From the Jan. 29 edition of The American Scholar:

The show’s seamless format consists of Smith choosing a poem, explaining why she chose it, and reading it. Every episode runs for five minutes and Smith’s narration exudes a depth of wisdom enhanced by a warm speaking voice that makes it all but impossible not to slow down, put away the phone, and listen. Appropriately, the poem always has the last word.

 Each episode’s payoff comes not only in the poem itself, but also in the way that Smith weaves a context around it, drawing on disparate reflections, many of them personal, to unify poetry and life…

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Stewart Jacoby, the director of radio programming at KEDT in Corpus Christi, shared this response by station staff:

WE ARE LOVING“THE SLOWDOWN!!”  Please express our deepest thanks to Tracy K. Smith and others involved for creating such a beautiful moment for Radio. Her soothing voice and the manner in which she introduces each poem definitely forces you to slow down and let the rest of the world pass you by—even if for just a moment. Co-workers told me after our staff meeting this morning, that Tracy K. Smith is giving them wonderful “Driveway Moments” as they arrive for work.

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