What’s coming up from APM August 3-9

Here are the latest updates for upcoming programs. PLEASE NOTE: All details are subject to change. Additional details will be shared via ContentDepot as they become available.

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BBC World Service

Coronavirus Coverage

  • The BBC is offering multiple modules and programs to cover the unprecedented outbreak.
  • Visit the landing page on the BBC Partner Site to learn more.
  • Reminder: The final episode of Coronavirus Global Update airs Friday, July 31.


Week of August 3

Marketplace (PM)

  • Kai talks with Isabel Wilkerson about her new book CASTE.
  • Almost exactly a year ago, we reported on the supply glut of milk: farmers had been dealing with big oversupply issues in the US, which were exacerbated by the trade war.  A year later, the situation has reversed. Dairy prices have shot up through the pandemic, thanks to increased demand and cutbacks in production because of COVID. Marketplace’s Justin Ho checks in with dairy farmers.

Marketplace Tech

  • August 3: The Games and Online Harassment Hotline launches – a mental health resource for people who make and play games. Video game playing has spiked during the pandemic, and many marginalized groups are targets of harassment. Guest: Anita Sarkeesian.
  • August 4: Google is running an 8-week bootcamp for entrepreneurs who want to launch a digital news startup, focusing on founders of color and other underrepresented groups in media. Guest: Erika Alexander, founder, Color Farm Media.

Arts and Culture

Live from Here

Please see our post on the APM Distribution blog regarding the changes to Live from Here . The entire remaining rebroadcast schedule is available on the APM Distribution site.

August 8: Rebroadcast – New York City, NY

  • Paul Simon
  • Vagabon
  • Holly Laurent
  • Anais Mitchell
  • Ryan Hamilton

The Splendid Table

As The Splendid Table continues to take listener home cooking questions, follow the program’s updates on Twitter and encourage listeners to send in their questions as voice memos to contact@splendidtable.org, or via phone at 800-537-5252.

Encore episode – August 7:

  • We talk to conservation biologist, Thor Hanson author of Buzz, The Nature, and Necessity of Bees.
  • America’s Test Kitchen has the latest on how we should be deploying honey in our kitchens.
  • We get the story of Brooklyn’s red bees and other urban tales of beekeeping from Andrew Coté, founder of the New York City Beekeepers Association. 

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