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Week of December 7

Marketplace (PM)

  • Kai talks to Melissa Kearney, Brookings Institution, about the report she co-authored on the COVID Baby Bust and what a prolonged bust might mean down the road. 
  • Kai talks with Lydia Clarke, owner of DTLA Cheese in Grand Central Market, about running a small food business during a trade war and a pandemic.

Marketplace Tech

  • December 7: UPS is stopping pickup of new packages for six retailers, including Macy’s, as the shipping system is overwhelmed by the surge in online purchases over the last week. We’ll speak to a shipping software consultant about managing the deluge.
  • December 8: President Trump is once again calling for the complete repeal of a law that provides some protections to internet companies for the comments members post on their platforms. We’ll debunk some Section 230 myths, starting with how the law actually makes things easier for the president to post disinformation without serious repercussion.

Arts and Culture

NEW: Time Machine from The Current

Time Machine from The Current is a sonic journey across music history. Each week, host Bill DeVille takes you back to the sounds of a specific year with a carefully curated list of the best songs. Plus, he’ll invite you to reexamine some deeper cuts as we look back on what happened that year in music, pop culture and the world.

December 11: 1978

  • A year of some great debuts from artists like Devo, The Police and The Cars, and we first learned of a new guitar hero named Eddie Van Halen with Van Halen’s debut album. Funkadelic had one nation under a groove, Warren Zevon was an excitable boy, Cheap Trick became rock stars thanks to Live at Budokan and the band Blondie’s 3rd album was a big hit. Outside of the world of music, Jimmy Carter was president with Minnesotan Walter Mondale as his Vice President. Tragedy struck in Guyana as more than 900 died in the Jonestown Massacre. Pete Rose gets his 3,000th major league hit, while the Yankees win the World Series again. The most famous person in America was probably Muhammad Ali, WKRP in Cincinnati premiered, John Belushi starred in Animal House and Grease was the word that you heard often. 

The Splendid Table

As The Splendid Table continues to take listener home cooking questions, please follow the program’s updates on Twitter and encourage listeners to send in their questions as voice memos to contact@splendidtable.org, or via phone at 800-537-5252.  

Encore episode – December 11:

  • We talk to Carla Capalbo author of Tasting Georgia, A Food and Wine Journey in the Caucasus.
  • Lisa McManus of America’s Test Kitchen brings us gift ideas from the professional kitchen
  • Contributor Melissa Clark talks to Justin Spring about the dish that changed the dinner party thanks to Julia Child: pot au feu. His book is The Gourmand’s Way.
  • Reverend Bill Golderer explains the life-affirming power of invitation.

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