What’s coming up from APM January 25-31

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Week of January 25 

Marketplace (PM) 

  • Kai talks with truck driver Kearsey Rothlander about what makes a good truck stop, and how life on the road has been in this pandemic. We also hear from managers at two of her favorite stops, ASAP’s travel plaza in Oklahoma and Traveler’s Oasis in Idaho about what COVID-19 has meant for their businesses and foot traffic. 
  • Unemployed Americans whose benefits were running out are now receiving the extra $300/wk in benefits provided by the most recent relief bill. Marketplace’s Sam Fields reports on what difference that added income is making in the lives of people who’ve lost jobs in the pandemic economy. 

Marketplace Tech 

  • We’ll speak with Jay Koh, managing director of the private equity firm Lightsmith Group, about how investment in climate tech will be affected by new policies from the Biden administration. 

On Point 

Week of January 25 

  • The administration’s push for economic relief during Covid-19 was unveiled in the form of President Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus plan. What is he proposing, and will it pass Congress?  
  • The Pentagon is intensifying efforts to combat a surge of extremism in the military. Out of the suspects that the FBI has identified so far in the Capitol insurrection, at least six have links to the military. We’ll dive into the years-long problem and what it will take to confront it.  


Performance Today 

In the next six weeks, Performance Today listeners will hear a major musical work composed or performed by a Black artist each hour of the show, every day in the month of February.

The program regularly features BIPOC composers, conductors and performers, but this will be a special celebration of the contribution of Black artists in honor of Black History Month. 

Arts and Culture 

Time Machine from The Current

Time Machine from The Current is a sonic journey across music history. Each week, host Bill DeVille takes you back to the sounds of a specific year with a carefully curated list of the best songs. Plus, he’ll invite you to reexamine some deeper cuts as we look back on what happened that year in music, pop culture and the world. 

January 29 – 1997:

A year of transition in music. Radiohead dropped a masterpiece with Ok Computer, Notorious BIG released Life After Death just days after his own death, neo soul artists like Erykah Badu gained a following, and there were Britpop classics from The Verve, Blur, and Oasis. Prodigy and Chemical Brothers brought Electronica up from the underground, and pop music was on the rise with NSync, Hanson and Spice Girls ruling Top 40.

Bob Dylan put out a classic, Foo Fighters saluted their hero, and Buena Vista Social Club introduced a generation to Cuban music. Outside the world of music, Titanic and Jurassic Park dominated the box office, Bill Clinton began his second term and the world mourned the loss of Princess Diana. 

The Splendid Table 

As The Splendid Table continues to take listener home cooking questions, please follow the program’s updates on Twitter and encourage listeners to send in their questions as voice memos to contact@splendidtable.org, or via phone at 800-537-5252.  

Encore episode – January 29:  

  • This week, we are bringing you a show recorded live at the 2019 Hot Docs Podcast Festival in Toronto. Francis and his team of intrepid eaters will tackle an enticing question: what makes Toronto so delicious?
  • Guests include former host of Viceland’s It’s Suppertime, Matty “Canadian Legend” Matheson, Toronto food, drink and travel writer Suresh Doss and New York Times food columnist and host of Weeknight Kitchen podcast Melissa Clark.

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