Women’s History Month with APM

APM has specials available to help your station commemorate Women’s History Month. You can find more information at our website, or contact your station representative for more information.

Witness History: Women’s History Month special

March 1 – 30
One hour

Remarkable stories of women’s history, told by the women who were there.

We meet the women who launched an anonymous poster campaign against sexism and racism in the art world in the 1980s, hear the story of a pioneering feminist in Iraq, and consider the impact of The Jane Fonda Workout.

Performance Today: Classical Woman of the Year Award

Performance Today closely tracks the diversity of the artists on our show and compares those statistics with the U.S. population. Three years ago, we realized that the statistically most underrepresented group on Performance Today was women (comparing percent of featured performances broadcast on PT with percentage of women in the U.S. population). There are also very few women in leadership roles in classical music, either in administration or performance.

We decided to create an award to honor the women making a difference in classical music to encourage and inspire other women in music to follow in their footsteps. In 2021 Performance Today will name the third Classical Woman of the Year Award winner. The winner is nominated by listeners and chosen by a committee. This year nominations will be accepted March 1 – 14 on the Performance Today website and an interview with the winner will broadcast by the end of March.

Questions? Contact your station representative for more information.