Access world class videos through the BBC Media Partner Centre

For the past few years, we have worked with stations to pilot BBC video content. These videos were designed to offer a unique way to connect local and global events, and deepen engagement with your audiences by providing consistent, shareable content in your Facebook feeds.

Dozens of stations like yours showcased these engaging videos from the BBC on their Facebook pages. The videos shared across station Facebook pages routinely garnered hundreds of views, with many reaching upwards of 10,000 views. For example, this video garnered over 15,000 views through posts from stations like yours. To build on this success, we are introducing a new opportunity to help you engage audiences and build your digital networks.

The BBC Media Partner Centre now hosts an expanded library of videos, with supported on-boarding training, for you to download and use natively on websites and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. As a BBC affiliate, you have access to these rights-cleared videos. Topics range from climate change and history to cultural facts and global experiences — since they are not tied to breaking news or broadcast schedules you can use them any time.

Curious about how to access and share these videos?

  • For instructions on how to download and distribute these videos, refer to this helpful instructional guide.

Unsure whether you have the time to dedicate to this new marketing strategy?

Beginning next week, we will be including curated video selections in the BBC Monthly newsletter to provide even more direct access to high-quality videos hand-picked by the BBC. Additionally, these video selections will be included on this consistently updated blog post for your reference.

For more information about using the Media Partner Centre, or creating an individual log-in, visit our website.

As always, if you have any questions about the process feel free to reach out to your Station Relations Representative.