Your week at a glance: August 2-6

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Marketplace PM

Week of August 2

  • Before every retail price increase there are complicated decisions to be made. Do we raise prices? On what? How much? When? Marketplace’s Marielle Segarra reports on what leads up to prices increases—and what happens after.

Marketplace Tech

  • Throughout the summer, Marketplace Tech will have a rotating schedule of hosts during the summer months. Meghan McCarty Carino hosts August 2-6.

On Point

August 2: With the Senate debating a roughly $1 trillion dollar infrastructure bill, On Point asks: Why does it cost so much more to build transportation projects than it does in most of the rest of the world? And that’s a fact. Our rapid rail infrastructure is the sixth most expensive in the world. Transit researcher Alon Levy tells host Meghna Chakrabarti that it’s not just because we build big, it’s “institutional.” But what’s behind that? We look at how one US light rail project tripled in cost in just three years.


Performance Today

Between now and October 27, Performance Today audiences will hear new Piano Puzzlers every Wednesday.

Arts and Culture

The Splendid Table

Encore episode – August 6: Summer produce and gardening

  • Chef Abra Berens author of Ruffage: A Practical Guide to Vegetables teams up with Francis to answer listener questions
  • We talk with Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm about the intersection of community farming and social justice.

Timely Selections

Digital / Marketing tool from the BBC World Service

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BBC Minute: ‘I’ve been unemployed for two years’

  • Description: The COVID-19 pandemic has hit labour markets around the world, affecting under 30s the most. More than 600 million young people, aged 15-24 are estimated to be out of work, with young women most affected. The BBC’s Gender and Identity reporter, Megha Mohan, has been speaking with jobless women in Lebanon, Kenya and the UK.

    Produced and directed by: Olivia Le Poidevin
  • Suggested post: The challenges of finding a job in the pandemic
  • Duration: 3 minutes

Spotlight on Virtual Mental Health Care


August 13, 2021 – September 30, 2021

In “Spotlight on Virtual Mental Health Care” we explore how mental health care’s urgent pivot to new technologies fared during the pandemic’s critical stress test.

Through interviews with expert clinicians and researchers, we will explore the fast-developing landscape of virtual mental health care — its advancements, and its challenges. How well are telehealth options replacing in-person care? How is access improving for some people with socio-economic challenges, and where has the digital divide gotten worse? How did the relaxation of HIPAA and other medical information laws affect patient privacy? How has the pandemic accelerated the integration of virtual care tools, like mobile apps, into clinical care? What needs to happen to preserve improvements and further reduce barriers to access?

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