Your week at a glance: October 4-8

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Marketplace PM

Week of October 4

  • Kai talks to San Franciso Federal Reserve President Mary Daly.
  • With headlines about how little of the federal rent relief money has reached renters and landlords, let’s look at an exception. In Philadelphia, about three-quarters of the money has been spent, and attorney Vikram Patel chalks it up to the city’s Eviction Diversion program. Since April, a landlord who wants to file an eviction for nonpayment of rent is required to first go through mediation with the tenant. About 2,000 cases have gone through the program so far, with 80% of them getting resolved without an eviction. Marketplace’s Amy Scott profiles a tenant and landlord going through the process.

Marketplace Tech

  • Throughout the summer, Marketplace Tech will have a rotating schedule of hosts. Marielle Segarra hosts October 4-8.

On Point

  • October 4: From cars, to smartphones, to appliances, an international chip shortage is squeezing supply chains and inventory. It’s been this way since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, but why is it still persisting? It turns out that the pandemic is not the only cause.
  • October 8: Harvard Law professor Randall Kennedy joins Meghna to talk about his more than two decades of his writings as a Black man and conservative legal scholar. He provides unexpected takes on the George Floyd moment, Racial Solidarity, Clarence Thomas, Antiracism, and more. His new book is titled Say It Loud!

The Daily

Upcoming guest hosts

  • October 4-8: The Daily will be hosted by either Sabrina Tavernise or Astead Herndon. Stations should check daily rundowns for host confirmation.


Performance Today

  • Between now and October 27, Performance Today audiences will hear new Piano Puzzlers every Wednesday.
  • October 8: NYC’s Town Hall and the Naumburg Foundation Celebrate 50 Years of Chamber Music on October 8, and PT will be there: the Emerson String Quartet will perform in some of their final concerts before their retirement.

Arts and Culture

Time Machine from The Current

October 8 – 2000

  • U2 entered the new millennium with a return to the old U2 sound. Johnny Cash was still with us and released American 3 which featured a U2 cover. Coldplay dropped their debut album, which was all over the radio, electronic music was gaining steam as Madonna recorded another savvy electronic dance album, and Radiohead ditched their guitars in favor of a more electronic sound. Guitars proved they weren’t dead yet with albums from The Vives and The Dandy Warhols, who both owed a bit to Mick Jagger & the Stones, and the film and soundtrack to O, Brother Where Art Thou breathed new life into older American sounds.
  • Outside the world of music, Y2K went off without a hitch. Shaq, Kobe and the Lakers win their first NBA title in 12 years. It was the Subway series in New York with the Yankee’s defeating the Mets in 6. And the U.S. presidential election was the closest in decades – George W. Bush ultimately defeats Al Gore.

The Splendid Table

NEW episode – October 8: New Fall cookbook releases

  • Kristina Cho, author of Mooncakes and Milkbread, Sweet & Savory Recipes Inspired by Chinese Bakeries.
  • Dylan Thuras, coauthor of Gastro Obscura, A Food Adventurers Guide.

Timely Selections

Digital / Marketing tool from the BBC World Service

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‘I thought I was too old to be on TikTok’

  • Description: Spencer West has garnered legions of fans sharing his perspective as a disability advocate. His TikTok videos have received more than 53 million likes.
  • Suggested social copy: How this disability advocate went viral
  • Duration: 2 minutes 46 seconds

Uprooted: The 1950s plan to erase Indian Country

Broadcast Window: October 7, 2021 – November 30, 2021

Length: One hour

This documentary presents the voices of people who survived a devastating plan to solve “the Indian problem.” In the 1950s, the U.S. government launched a campaign to assimilate Native Americans by eliminating reservations, terminating tribal governments, and persuading Native people to move to cities. The relocation program has received little coverage in the media, despite its enormous influence on the course of Native people’s lives. This documentary provides listeners a unique opportunity to hear the voices of Native people who lived through this era, and people still struggling to overcome its effects. Questions? Please contact your Station Representative.