Your week at a glance: October 11-15

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Week of October 11 

Marketplace (PM) 

  • Kai kicks off a new ongoing series “Temporarily Unavailable” about the people and systems that make global commerce possible.  We’ve all heard of port congestion and supply chain disruptions – companies having a difficult time getting things they need for their products and consumers having to wait longer for items. Our first stop is the port complex in Los Angeles, where Kai visits ship traffic control. 
  • Kai talks with Robin Wigglesworth about his new book Trillions: How a band of wall street renegades invented the index fund and changed finance forever. 

Marketplace Tech 

  • Throughout the summer and into fall, Marketplace Tech will have a rotating schedule of hosts. Marielle Segarra hosts October 11-15. 
  • Week of October 11: Marielle Segarra takes a look at the tech that might make the holidays happen more smoothly, despite supply chain tangles, computer chip shortages and other lingering pandemic challenges. 

On Point 

  • October 11: New Zealand has abandoned its goal of eliminating the coronavirus and getting to zero Covid cases. What does New Zealand’s changing strategy tell us about what the pandemic’s end should look like here? 
  • October 12: Yale Professor Laurie Santos joins Meghna Chakrabarti for a conversation about happiness. Her “Psychology and the Good Life” class, which explores the science behind decision-making and what comprises a fulfilling life, is Yale’s most popular course in over 300 years. 


Performance Today 

  • Between now and October 27, Performance Today audiences will hear new Piano Puzzlers every Wednesday. 
  • Week of October 11: Audiences will hear a new piece about one of the first female pirates in history by composer Jessica Meyer entitled She Sailed the Savage Seas
  • October 11: Performance Today will mark Indigenous People’s Day. 

Arts and Culture 

 Time Machine from The Current 

October 15 – 1980 

  • The year John Lennon was gunned down in New York – he had just released his Double Fantasy album. George Jones dropped what many called the greatest country song of all time, Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street band released his only two-album set The River, which became his first album to hit number one, and The Clash upped the ante unleashing the three-album set Sandinista! Exciting new things were happening in the UK with albums from The Jam, The Pretenders and Elvis Costello & the Attractions, while in the States there were big albums from Devo, Talking Heads and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts. Stevie Wonder rolled into the 80’s with the reggae influenced Hotter Than July album, and Bob Marley – who was still with us – left a parting gift called Uprising. 
  • Outside the world of music, 350 million people around the world tuned in to find out who shot JR on the primetime drama “Dallas.” 

The Splendid Table 

As The Splendid Table continues to take listener home cooking questions, please follow the program’s updates on Twitter and encourage listeners to send in their questions as voice memos to, or via phone at 800-537-5252.  

Encore episode – October 15: Chinese food in America 

  • Chef Lucas Sin of Junzi Kitchen joins us for the conversation and sticks around to help Francis take on your Chinese cooking questions.  
  • We head to Kansas City to hear the story of a legendary Chinese food family empire, the Ng’s.