Announcement — BBC OS Presenter Nuala McGovern | December 14, 2021

A note from Simon Peeks, Head of Journalism | BBC World Service 

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Please join us in congratulating BBC OS presenter Nuala McGovern for her upcoming move to BBC World News TV as a chief presenter. It’s fabulous news for Nuala and we are all delighted for her. 

We all in World Service radio network, however, will miss Nuala. Nuala is a familiar voice to radio audiences around the world. What a time it has been. Suffice to say: she will leave with many great memories; many wonderful trips; memorable conversations and audio moments; and crucially BBC OS in really good form. 

We have been on the ground and witnessed numerous fabulous broadcasts with Nuala over the years including:  US presidential elections and inaugurations, our Trump Towns and Movie Towns series across the US, French and other Euro elections, Ireland’s abortion referendum, Brexit around the UK, Nigeria’s Bring Back Our Girls protest, Syrian migration in Europe…. the list is way longer than that of course. 

Of course there is also the launch of BBC OS Conversations in the past couple of years. And there are the awards that we have shared: with the most recent being at the AIBs for Remembering Those Lost To Covid.  

Nuala will move to BBC World News TV in the New Year. 

While the programme is in good hands with the current production team, we have started work on finding a new presenter for BBC OS and BBC OS Conversations.  As soon as we have completed this process we will communicate to you the news. 

Meanwhile, again, many congratulations to Nuala. I am hopeful, and sure, that she will make the odd guest appearance on OS in the future.

We will also record updated BBC OS generic promos for your use when we have the new presenter in place. Watch your inbox for a ContentDepot notification when this is available.