Your week at a glance: January 17-23

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BBC World Service

  • Note: Due to challenges from the rise in Covid cases in the UK, the BBC will be on a temporarily revised 2022 winter schedule – substituting the 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET editions of The Newsroom – until January 16. Beginning January 17, the World Service will revert back to the original 2022 winter schedule. Find both schedules online.


Week of January 17

Marketplace (PM)

  • Kai takes a virtual shopping trip for masks with Aaron Collins: “the mask nerd.” Collins will help explain how to spot “counterfeit” K and N 95 masks.
  • Job openings in the home building industry are at an all-time high, the rate of people quitting is up sharply as well, and that’s further slowing down and raising the cost of building desperately needed housing. Employers are trying everything they can — poaching from other jobs sites, offering signing and retention bonuses (rare in the industry even a year ago), and of course increasing wages and benefits. Marketplace’s Amy Scott talks to workers who have benefited from the competition and builders trying to compete.

Marketplace Tech

  • Kimberly Adams hosts through January.
  • January 17 (encore): A conversation between Kimberly Adams and Marketplace reporter Savannah Maher on tribal lands’ libraries potentially getting access to the Federal Communications Commission’s E-Rate program and federal subsidies for library broadband. They’ll be considering this proposal later this month on January 27.
  • January 18: Kimberly Adams will speak with Joe Kane, director of broadband and spectrum policy at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, on the delayed 5G Wi-Fi rollout that’s coming next week.

On Point

  • January 17: The city of Atlanta is closely associated with Martin Luther King and his legacy. But the city is also trying to define its place in the new progressive movement. On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we hear how Atlanta is celebrating the civil rights heroes of its past while looking towards its future.
  • January 20: There is confusion and mixed messaging about the transmission of COVID in schools right now. Chicago schools have just reopened after a standoff between the school district and the teachers’ union over COVID safety. Other districts have gone to remote learning, while elsewhere classrooms are still open, but sports are being canceled. However, there is plenty of data to show that schools are not sources of COVID spread. We ask: how should we rethink COVID fear in the classroom?


Performance Today

  • January 17: Performance Today will feature ensembles that use art to advance social justice, including Tonality, the Sphinx Virtuosi and the Imani Winds, as well as #TakeTwoKnees initiative.

Arts and Culture

Time Machine from The Current

January 21 – 1982

  • Duran Duran emerged from across the Atlantic with their debut album. Marshall Crenshaw released his rootsy debut, The Clash issued Combat Rock, which became their biggest album in the U.S., and The Go-Go’s dropped their 2nd album. Eddy Grant took us to Electric Avenue, Prince dropped his biggest album yet and was becoming a superstar, and synth-pop was everywhere with big tunes from Wall of Voodoo, Thomas Dolby & Yaz. It was also the year of the “yacht rock” classic “Africa” by Toto.
  • Outside the world of music, ET was the top film and 60 Minutes was the top TV show. The sitcom Cheers hit the small screen, Times’ Man of the Year was ‘The Computer’, and video games, break dancing, moonwalking and Jane Fonda’s Workout videotapes were all the rage.

The Splendid Table

NEW episode – January 21

  • This week, The Splendid Table has a show devoted to mushrooms with Eugenia Bone. She is the editor of the Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook.

Timely Selections

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Higher Ground

Broadcast Window: January 17, 2022 – April 1, 2022

Length: One hour

Climate change is already here in America’s first suburbs — Long Island. Higher Ground tells the stories of communities on Long Island preparing and adapting to extreme weather and rising tides. J.D. Allen and Sabrina Garone venture across the region to explore the solutions that might give people the best chance at survival and help save the places millions of people call home. These perspectives from Long Island have implications far beyond the region in the search for solutions to survive climate change.

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