Your week at a glance: January 24-30

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Week of January 24

Marketplace (PM)

  • Kai talks with economist and Nobel laureate Amartya Sen about his new memoir Home in the World.

Marketplace Tech

  • Kimberly Adams continues to serve as the interim host of Marketplace Tech.
  • January 25: A feature from Stephanie Siek on the apps and tech available to people who are facing eviction but don’t have access to traditional resources like lawyers or legal advisors.
  • January 27: The Smithsonian’s new Future Exhibit will be open throughout this summer. The exhibit itself is a new way for visitors to both interact and give input on possible future tech that could shape their lives.

On Point

  • January 24: With the Omicron variant surging, hospitals are overwhelmed. Emergency room doctors say they are understaffed and under-resourced. The surge is highlighting a pre-COVID problem known as boarding, when ER beds are taken by patients who would otherwise have been hospitalized, or even in intensive care. It’s just one example of how surging COVID is highlighting flaws in our healthcare system. We shine a light on the complex fragility of American healthcare.
  • January 25: We take a close look at the indictments of 11 people charged with seditious conspiracy for their alleged involvement in the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. What do those indictments say about how the DOJ investigation is progressing and who might be charged next?
  • January 26: The Biden administration supports efforts underway to delist the American gray wolf from the endangered species list. But several tribal leaders have called on the administration to reinstate protection. On Point finds out how the issue is about much more than saving an iconic species.
  • January 28: Kimberly Atkins-Stohr hosts.


Performance Today

  • Week of January 24: Audiences will hear pianist David Korevaar play the Sonata in E Minor by composer Florence Price.
  • January 25: Performance Today will feature music from 21st century composer Andy Akiho – a percussion ensemble work Haiku 2 played by Sandbox Percussion.
  • January 26: Performance Today will broadcast, for the first time, a new 2021 Tchaikovsky performance from the Orford Festival in Canada played by I Musici de Montreal.
  • January 28: Audiences will hear music from the Lakes Area Music Festival: a performance of music by Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre.

Arts and Culture

Time Machine from The Current

January 28 – 1962

  • The year Ray Charles bridged the gap in music with his Modern Sounds in Country & Western Music. It was a big year for folk music, as Peter, Paul and Mary revived an old Weavers song and Bob Dylan released his first album. Meanwhile, Otis Redding released his first single and Marvin Gaye had his first hit, Roy Orbison had a hit that was big all over the world, and across the pond the Beatles released their first single. John Lee Hooker dropped his biggest and best-known tune, Patsy Cline ruled country radio, and if you were dancing, you were probably still doing the Twist, or perhaps the Locomotion with Little Eva.
  • Outside the world of music, it was the year of the Cuban Missile Crisis and Jackie Robinson became the first Black American elected to The Baseball Hall of Fame. The first James Bond film, Dr. No hit the big screen, and The Beverly Hillbillies hit the TV – quickly becoming the most popular show of the year.

The Splendid Table

Encore episode – January 28

  • This week, we’re thinking about what it means when people say they cook by feel.
  • Nik Sharma, the author of The Flavor Equation, wants us to think about texture when we cook at home.
  • Chef and author Vivian Howard will be in-house to take listener calls. Her latest book is This Will Make it Taste Good.

Timely Selections

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Dating While Gray: Older Bodies and Brains in Love

Broadcast Window: January 11, 2022 – March 31, 2022

Length: One hour

Young adults don’t have exclusive rights to romance and sexual desire. But the brains and bodies of older people remain under-represented in narratives about love, so it’s easy to forget that intimacy doesn’t end after 50. While older people contend with all kinds of physical and mental changes, gray daters also are driven by spontaneous emotions and primal urges — sometimes manifesting in behavior that proves no, we aren’t always old enough to know better.

In this special hour of audio, you’ll hear from single people 50 and older dealing with these issues as well as experts including noted anthropologist Helen Fisher; sex journalist Michael Castleman, author of “Sizzling Sex for Life: Everything You Need to Know to Maximize Erotic Pleasure at Any Age”; Dr. Arthur Burnett, whose original research helped lead to the development of Viagra; and sexuality counselor Kathryn Ellis, who developed the Occupational Therapy Sexuality and Intimacy Clinic at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

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