Your week at a glance: May 9-15, 2022

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Marketplace (PM)

Week of May 9

  • Kai talks to Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, CEO of Feeding America, about how the largest hunger relief organization in the US is facing new challenges—-rising inflation and food insecurity.
  • Kai talks with Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky about how living on Airbnb has changed the way he thinks about the company.

Marketplace Tech

  • Kimberly Adams continues to serve as the interim host of Marketplace Tech.
  • May 9: Kimberly Adams speaks with Helen Genova, Kessler Foundation, about initiatives within the tech industry to support and hire neurodiverse talent—employees with ADHA, autism, dyslexia or other developmental conditions.

On Point

  • May 9: In the United States, Roe v Wade is on the brink of being overturned. But across Latin America, in places like Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay, abortion access is expanding. On Point asks, why is the United States going in the opposite direction from much of the rest of the world on abortion rights?
  • May 10: China shows no signs of abandoning its severe Covid-zero policy. On Point asks why China remains committed to eradicating every outbreak of coronavirus with strict lockdowns and quarantines, despite a lack of evidence that Covid-zero is an effective public health strategy. And how is that strategy impacting the relationship that people in places like Shanghai have with their government?
  • May 11: From 1944 to 1986, tens of millions of tons of Uranium ore were mined from Navajo lands to make nuclear weapons. Thousands of Navajo who worked in uranium mines and lived down-wind from nuclear weapons tests suffered the effects of radiation exposure. Since 1990 they have been compensated for their exposure-related health care costs by a congressionally mandated program. But that mandate is set to expire in July unless Congress acts. On Point asks whether it’s time not just to extend the law, but also expand it.
  • May 13: If you consult three doctors and get three different opinions, that’s an example of what Nobel Prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman and his colleagues call “noise.” How do you decide what to do when professionals don’t agree? On Point asks how to cut through the noise that hinders human judgement.

Arts and Culture

Time Machine from The Current

May 13 – 1975

  • The Time Machine stops in 1975 this time! A year classic albums from iconic artists like Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan & bands like Led Zeppelin & Pink Floyd. A 6 minute suite by the band Queen became one of the biggest songs in rock history. The band War celebrated Latino car culture with the song Low Rider. Parliament brought the funk to the party while Fleetwood Mac recorded its first album with new members Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham. Abba was becoming an international phenomenon and you probably got your first mood ring in 1975, remember those?
  • Beyond the world of music: If you went to the movies you might have caught One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest & thanks to the film Jaws, we were all afraid of the water. It’s 1975, our year, this time on Time Machine from The Current.

The Splendid Table

Repeat episode – May 13: Jacques Pépin

  • This week we spend an entire hour talking and cooking in Jacques Pépin’s kitchen. The legendary chef weighs in on the merits of his classic training, which began at age 13. He talks about the years he spent cooking for the Prime Minister of France, he weighs in on the current culinary school scene and teaches us to make an insanely easy and delicious Instant Cured gravlax. Then, we talk to Bridget Lancaster of America’s Test Kitchen about how Jacques’ book, La Technique, changed her life.

Timely Selections

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Spotlight on Youth Mental Health During Covid

Broadcast Window: May 1, 2022 – June 30, 2022

Length: One hour

Spotlight on Youth Mental Health During Covid shares the mental health experiences of young people during the COVID-19 pandemic, explores the extent of the crisis and considers how schools and the systems of care available to young people can improve.

Through interviews with young people, expert clinicians, educators, and others – this special will examine the mental health toll of the pandemic the impacts on the American public moving forward.

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