BBC Monthly: September Docs, Specials and Video Selections | August 10, 2022

Coming in September 2022

Featuring voices from across the U.S. and around the globe, connect your audience to the world with these unique stories and perspectives. This month, we evaluate the future of Hip Hop, learn about political instability and souring food prices with Pakistani activists and academics, and discover a video that that helps people spot misinformation about Covid-19. See below for details and more unique stories.

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Docs and Specials

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The Documentary: The Future of Hip Hop

Two one-hour documentaries
Episode 1: Sep 10 – 30, 2022
Episode 2: Sep 17 – Oct 7, 2022

Will Hip Hop be less homophobic and misogynistic in the future? Cakes Da Killa has paved the way as an openly gay rapper and in this two-part series, based in New York and Atlanta, he meets queer artists and females to discuss how far they’ve come – and where they want to go.

World Questions – Pakistan

One hour
Sep 10 – Oct 7, 2022

A panel of young Pakistani activists, academics and journalists answer questions put to them by Pakistani youth across the country and across the world. Political instability, soaring food prices, migration, foreign policy and the role of the army will likely be up for discussion, in a virtual debate hosted by the BBC’s Jonny Dymond.

Monthly BBC Video Selections:

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People Fixing the World: The game that shows people how to spot fake news

  • Description: Researchers at Cambridge University have developed a video game that helps people to spot misinformation about Covid-19. Go Viral! shows players the methods used to spread fake news so they can identify it in future.
  • Suggested social copy: Researchers have developed a game which shows players how fake news is spread.
  • Duration: 2 minute 53 seconds
Fake News

Why is that?: Yeast – An unlikely hero in the fight against climate change?

  • Description: Like us, yeast produce carbon dioxide – but scientists have found a way to modify one species to suck the greenhouse gas out of the air instead. They are now working to scale it up and hope to see huge tanks of yeast built next to factories, so it can capture their carbon dioxide emissions before they enter the atmosphere.
  • Suggested social copy: Scientists in Austria have modified yeast to suck CO2 out of the air.
  • Duration: 2 minutes

Health: How much should we eat?

  • Description: Keeping a balance diet and eating the right amount of food isn’t always easy, particularly with the temptation of junk food. Some people count calories, others follow a strict meal plan, but is there an easier way to work out how much to eat? Turns out, the answer is in our hands.
  • Suggested social copy: Is there an easy way to work out how much to eat?
  • Duration: 2 minutes 3 seconds