Your week at a glance: September 19-25, 2022

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Marketplace (PM)

Week of September 19

  • Kai talks with Daniel B. Maffei, chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission, about the new Ocean Shipping Reform Act.
  • Last year we reported on how a paper shortage and other supply chain issues threw book publishing into chaos just before the holidays and the economic consequences for authors and retailers. Marketplace’s Savannah Maher does a check in as we go into the big retail season.

Marketplace Tech

  • Kimberly hosts all week.
  • Sep 19: We’ll feature a conversation with Matt Stoller, director of research at the American Economic Liberties Project, about several antitrust cases that notably do NOT involve the Federal Trade Commission. California is suing Amazon over anti-competitive practices, and the EU is suing Google over anticompetitive conduct in Android technology.
  • Sep 20: A conversation with Dr. Joan Donovan, Research Director of Harvard’s Shorenstein Center, to discuss her latest book “Meme Wars: The Untold Story of the Online Battles Upending Democracy in America.” We’ll loo at the role memes have played in misinformation on the internet and what to look out for in the upcoming mid-term elections.
  • Sep 21: We’ll speak with Matt Perault, director of the Center on Tech Policy at UNC-Chapel Hill, about his characterization of the digital landscape (online speech and expression) as ripe for a “civil war”– with certain states protecting information and posts about how to obtain a legal abortion, and other states that have legislation that does the opposite.
  • Sep 22: We’ll look at the uptick in social media users representing themselves with “authenticity”— in photos without makeup, say, or doing everyday unglamorous tasks. This week TikTok introduced a new feature allowing users to post a momentary authentic snapshot of their daily life, and it’s a blatant copy of a platform called BeReal. We’ll focus on the authenticity trend as well and look at how it’s spreading between platforms.

On Point

Next week On Point is diving deep into the topic of trust. Trust is a bond. It holds everything from families to entire nations together. Are we living in a world where those bonds are breaking? Essential Trust: What Trust Is, Why We Need It, and What Happens When It’s Lost is a week-long series of discovery, where On Point will explore how trust is created in the neural networks of an individual human brain, and then scaled up to the trust we have in not just people, but institutions and societies at large. Over the course of the week, we will examine five animating questions:

  • Sep 19: Is what we call trust a uniquely human trait, or is it experienced in other parts of the animal kingdom?
  • Sep 20: What is happening in our brains when we trust? What makes our capacity to trust so essential to humanity?
  • Sep 21: When we lose trust in our institutions, what larger impact does that have on society?
  • Sep 22: If trust is so essential, why do we need skepticism?
  • Sep 23: How do we rebuild trust once it is lost?

Arts and Culture

The Splendid Table

New episode – September 23

  • We are Frenchified this week as we head into the kitchen with legendary chef Jacques Pépin to talk about his latest book: Art of the Chicken. Then we turn to French baking with Aleksandra Crapanzano author of Gateau: The Surprising Simplicity of French Cakes.
  • Please note, Francis and friends will be taking your culinary questions this fall! Record your question or comment on your phone using your voice memo app and send it to us at or leave us a voice message at 800-537-5252.

Timely Selections

Shareable video of the week

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Wellness: ‘I was addicted to exercise’

exercise addiction

  • Description: When does something healthy like exercise become an unhealthy addiction? And can apps make things worse? Produced by Nicola Kelly, filmed by Colum O’Dwyer, edited by Colum O’Dwyer and Baya Cat Image: Valerie running, credit: BBC.
  • Suggested social copy: Addiction and exercise. How much is too much?
  • Duration: 2 minutes 7 seconds

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APM Presents special of the week

988: A Call for Crisis Care

Broadcast Window: Sep 1 – Oct 31, 2022

Length: One hour

This September in honor of National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, join Call to Mind for “988: A Call for Crisis Care.” 988 is a hotline for mental health emergencies like suicidal thoughts and life-threatening behavior—that anyone can dial or text for help. What actually happens when someone dials 988? What do people expect when they call to report a mental health crisis? And what does crisis response look like? Questions? Please contact your Station Representative.