Your week at a glance: November 28 – December 4, 2022

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Marketplace (PM)

Week of November 28

  • Kai talks with Mike Cessario, CEO/co-founder of Liquid Death at Liquid Death HQ about competition in the beverage space and viral marketing.
  • There’s a whole online community of folks who like to “bait” scammers by pretending to fall for scams and then exposing them. Marketplace Peter Balonon-Rosen reports.

Marketplace Tech

  • Nov 28: Kimberly Adams speaks with Josh Basile, lawyer and community relations manager at accessible, on the social and economic impact of not making websites accessible to people with disabilities especially during peak shopping periods like Cyber Monday.
  • Nov 29: Kimberly Adams will interview MelRose Michaels, founder of Sex Work CEO, on how adult content creators use/rely on Twitter and what they’re saying about Musk’s ownership/ongoing change of the platform
  • Nov 30: Kimberly speaks with Dustin Loup of the National Broadband Mapping Coalition to talk about the FCC’s first national broadband map update release, which is slated to happen later this month.

On Point

Look out for On Point’s week-long series, “Essential Trust: What Trust Is, Why We Need It, and What Happens When It’s Lost.” Over five parts it will explore how trust is created in the neural networks of an individual human brain, and then scaled up to the trust we have in people, institutions, and societies at large. Join us as we investigate what makes our capacity to trust uniquely precious, uniquely human, and worthy of our protection.

Arts and Culture

The Splendid Table

New episode – December 2

  • This week we’re talking to restaurateur and writer Prue Leith of The Great British Baking Show and author of Bliss on Toast and Nigella Lawson with her latest book Cook, Eat, Repeat.

Timely Selections

Shareable video of the week

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People Fixing the World: Meet the designers with ‘different brains’


  • Description: La Casa de Carlota is a successful design agency in Barcelona. Their striking visual style comes from their designers who have learning disabilities, autism and schizophrenia. For more great positive stories listen to the People Fixing the World podcast. Voices: Penny, Dan, Tim and Bill from the Misfits theatre company Camera: Stefano Nicoli Research: Esperanza Escribano Producers: William Kremer and Tom Garmeson.
  • Suggested social copy: Learn about what makes this design agency stand out from the rest.
  • Duration: 2 minutes 34 seconds

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APM Presents special of the week

The One Recipe Holiday Special

Broadcast Window: Dec 1, 2022 – Jan 1, 2023

Length: One hour

Join host Jesse Sparks for a holiday edition of The Splendid Table’s newest “podbaby,” The One Recipe. Jesse talks to culinary superstars about their “One,” the recipe that signals the holiday has begun! They’ll get into traditions and food with influences from all over the world and leave you with recipes that could jumpstart your own festivities! It’s delicious eating all month long. Guests include chef, YouTube personality and best-selling author Carla Lalli Music; The New York Time’s food writer Eric Kim, author of Korean- American: Food That Tastes Like Home and more to come! Questions? Please contact your Station Representative.