Your week at a glance: Jan 23-29, 2023

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Marketplace (PM)

Week of January 23

  • What are bankers who work with small businesses hearing from their clients — and what appetite for loans do small businesses have heading into the new year? Marketplace’s Justin Ho reports.
  • Kai talks with Liquid Death CEO Mike Cessario at Liquid Death’s HQ.

Marketplace Tech

  • Jan 23: We’ll have a freelance feature that explores one idea that’s gaining traction in California: putting solar panels on top of exposed water canals. A study last year from UC Merced says it could save 63 billion gallons of water each year (enough to satisfy water needs of 2 million homes) and create 13 megawatts of solar energy (enough to get the state halfway to its 2030 renewable energy targets). Turlock Irrigation district is breaking ground early next year on the state’s first ever pilot project. Los Angeles just voted to essentially copy the idea for the LA Aqueduct. What’s the tech involved?
  • Jan 25: Meghan McCarty Carino speaks with Aniruddh Mohan, a distinguished postdoctoral fellow in the Adlinger Center for Energy and the Environment at Princeton University, to discuss the latest developments and scalability of carbon capture technology.

On Point

  • Jan 23: For the past two years, journalist Chris Whipple has had insider access to the deliberations and operations of the Biden Whitehouse. He chronicles what he saw and heard in his new book, The Fight of His Life. Whipple speaks with host Anthony Brooks, in for Meghna for a few days, about Bidens’s successes, failures, and the challenges ahead.
  • Jan 24: Anthony Brooks hosts.
  • Jan 25: Meghna speaks with the former mayor of Del Rio, Texas, Bruno Lozano. Not only was he the youngest mayor in the city’s history, he’s also its first openly gay one. On the national stage he’s known for calling out his own party, the Democrats, for their handling of the southern border.
  • Jan 26: According to the American Psychological Association, the rate of anxiety among adults in the U.S. quadrupled between 2019 and 2021. And it wasn’t just the pandemic driving that. On Point takes a closer look at anxiety in the U.S. and asks if some level of anxiety can also be good for us.

Arts and Culture

The Splendid Table

January 27

  • We’re spending an hour with Culinary Historian Jessica B. Harris. Jessica has spent much of her life researching the food and foodways of the African Diaspora. She is the author of twelve books including, Iron Pots and Wooden Spoon: Africa’s Gifts to New World Cooking, her memoir, My Soul Looks Back, and High on the Hog: A Culinary Journey from Africa to America. High on the Hog was made into a Netflix documentary in 2021. (Rebroadcast)

Performance Today

  • The Manhattan Chamber Players perform Libby Larsen’s String Quartet No. 4.
  • Anthony McGill and the Pacifica Quartet perform Brahms Clarinet Quartet in b minor
  • World premiere of Edgar Meyer’s Concertino for 14 Strings and Bass with the Scottish Ensemble.
  • Minnesota Orchestra performs Haydn’s Surprise Symphony.
  • St. Lawrence String Quartet performs at Spoleto.
  • Basel Sinfonietta performs Florence Price’s Ethiopia’s Shadow in America conducted by Jessica Horsley.
  • Andrew Joyce performs Elgar’s Cello Concerto with the New Zealand Symphony, conducted by Gemma New.

Timely Selections

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Wellness: How puppetry can help with trauma


  • Description: As a child, Raven Kaliana was trafficked by her own parents. She survived and now works as a puppeteer. Raven wants to show people, through her art, that healing is possible. Her latest show is called Love vs Trauma. Filmed and edited by Britt Yip Produced by Vibeke Venema.
  • Suggested social copy: After Raven Kaliana’s survival from being trafficked, she wants to show how healing is possible through puppetry.
  • Duration: 4 minutes 11 seconds

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APM Presents special of the week

Justin Holland: The Guitar’s Black Pioneer

Broadcast Window: Jan 1 – Feb 28, 2023

Length: One hour

Justin Holland was a Black guitar virtuoso, educator, and activist in the 19th century who did intricate transcriptions of popular operas, songs, and compositions of his own. Holland was born free and worked to help other enslaved Black people on the Underground Railroad. In this special Professor Ernie Jackson, a Holland expert, talks about his experience as a guitar student and how Holland’s music gave him hope and inspiration. (Rebroadcast from 2022) Questions? Please contact your Station Representative.