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In the Dark – How a Podcast Helped Save Curtis Flowers From Death Row

In the Dark is a podcast hosted and narrated by Madeleine Baran and produced by Samara Freemar. This podcast features investigative journalism by APM Reports and is the recipient of the Peabody, Polk and duPont awards.

Curtis Flowers is cleared of all charges after 23 years

CBS’ primetime news program 60 Minutes featured the acclaimed podcast In the Dark in its Sunday, Jan. 3, episode. The segment tells the story of Curtis Flowers, a man tried six times for the same crime, and the remarkable role of the APM Reports’ investigative podcast, which brought the case to national attention.

The Jan. 3 episode features interviews with members of the In the Dark team, as well as a deep look at the Flowers case and the podcast’s impact. APM Reports’ journalism in the second season of its hit investigative podcast contributed to the overturning of Flowers’ death row conviction.

In the Dark’s powerful investigative reporting and riveting storytelling in Season Two spurred nationwide interest in the case and has been downloaded more than 40 million times.

Watch the full segment here.