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One year later: The loss of George Floyd

In collaboration with The Washington Post and Minnesota Public Radio, American Public Media is offering special programming in recognition of the passage of one year since the killing of George Floyd.

Communities around the world have mourned the loss of George Floyd’s life over the course of the last year. While the nation watches the Chauvin trial unfold, these specials will provide useful analysis and commentary to help contextualize the trial and honor the life and loss of George Floyd.

This special programming examines the role systemic racism played throughout the course of George Floyd’s life and explores how communities are dealing with the aftermath of his death. Please visit our website for more information or contact your Stations Relations Representative.

The Life of George Floyd

Post Reports, The Washington Post

May 18 – June 30, 2021

One Hour

George Floyd has become a symbol, and a rallying cry. But what’s missing in our understanding is the man himself: a figure who was complicated, full of ambition, shaped by his family and his community and a century of forces around him.

In this one-hour special of “Post Reports,” we explore the life and experiences of the man who sparked a movement, as part of The Washington Post’s series “George Floyd’s America.” The reporting explores the institutional and societal roadblocks Floyd encountered as a Black man from his birth in 1973 until his death, and the role systemic racism played throughout his life.

George Floyd during his high school years

How George Floyd Changed Us

MPR News with Angela Davis

May 18 – June 21, 2021

One Hour

This special will also incorporate the more recent killing of Daunte Wright by police in Brooklyn Center, MN, a nearby suburb of Minneapolis, on Sunday, April 11, 2021.

As we mark a year since George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, join MPR News host Angela Davis for a reflection on how he changed us.

In this one-hour special, you’ll hear a range of voices articulating the transformation that’s taken place on both personal and community levels – from the young people whose worldview has been forever altered to the community members working to ensure the Black man killed when a police officer kneeled on his neck is never forgotten. We’ll also check in with a renowned expert on trauma and healing on what gives him hope a year later.

Questions? Please visit our website or contact your Stations Relations Representative.

Celebrate Earth Day with New Specials

Give your audiences new ways to celebrate this Earth Day with audio explorations of our changing environment – from the skies above to the oceans’ depths.

“Earth Rx: Climate Solutions for a Changing Planet”
From MPR News
One hour. Available through April 30, 2018

“Ocean Stories”
From BBC World Service
Two one-hour episodes. Available through May 6, 2018

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LIVE at 2 pm ET tomorrow: Flyover from MPR News special

Tomorrow, in response to the latest headlines, Kerri Miller will host a special edition of Flyover from MPR News a live, national call-in special at 2 pm ET – to examine the pervasiveness of sexual harassment in everyday life, and whether the chaos of the #MeToo moment can usher in lasting change.

The wave of allegations over sexual misconduct in politics, entertainment, media and music is forcing Americans to confront tough questions about power, gender and identity, and Kerri is eager to take your listeners’ calls.

This is a one-time special available exclusively to APM Stations, at no additional charge.

Broadcast information:
Friday, December 8
Live – 2 pm ET
ContentDepot page

Preview audio and 0:30 promo spot will be available today via ContentDepot

Please contact Station Representative Marge Ostroushko to learn more about this unique opportunity – and why your audience will want to be included in this national conversation.

‘Flyover’ Takes Off with Stations

Our new live, weekly call-in series, Flyover from MPR News, has listeners talking more openly about sensitive subjects and larger questions of American identity in turbulent times.

The series has also increased station engagements. Here’s what WNYC, WUNC and Boise State Public Radio heard from listeners after the September 17 show, on the myth of American ‘bootstraps,’ and the September 24 show on white resentment:

  • Kerri and team did a good job of unpacking the context for ‘pulling yourself up by the bootstraps’ and what different versions of that have meant in this country…I thought it was a compelling listen. There was good structure and attention to taking care of the radio listening experience – flow, listener activation and resets were stellar per usual with Kerri at the helm. The hour went by too quickly. – Jacqueline Cincotta, Program Director, WNYC
  • I’ve heard of WUNC creating “driveway moments” plenty, but rarely have I heard a listener describe a “break-through” moment. I got a call from a listener this week who experienced a break-through thanks to Flyover. A friend of hers from church heard the program and said that after listening to the show she was ready to start talking about race, and moreover she was ready to listen. She heard something that helped her see a world beyond her own life experience and made her want to engage in the church conversation about race that until this week she thought was unnecessary. It was an inspiring call and made my week. David Brower, Program Director, WUNC
  • The program is very timely as I think there are a number of fluid conversations surrounding these topics on-air and in social media. Particularly last week’s white resentment focus has resonated with much content on our schedule recently. And I can say I’m happy with the opportunity to have a call-in option available for those who tune in. The internal comments have been positive; that the conversation is timely and the call for engagement feels inviting. Erik Jones, Assistant Program Director at Boise State Public Radio

Flyover from MPR News is available through November 27 to all affiliate stations at no additional charge. Learn more.

Flyover from MPR News: “Guns and American Identity”

This Sunday, October 8, at 4 p.m. ET, Flyover from MPR News will offer a special broadcast on gun ownership, and wide-ranging gun statutes across the U.S.

Host Kerri Miller will ask listeners across the country to share their views on-air and social media during this live, hour-long, call-in conversation.

Given this week’s tragic events in Las Vegas, and a renewed debate on gun laws, this conversation is timely and available to all stations as a special broadcast, regardless of series carriage. Flyover from MPR News is available at no additional charge to APM stations.

Please contact Marge Ostroushko to learn more.

Newshour Extra Event on Somalis in America Airs This Weekend

BBC World Service and MPR News host a special live event, “Somalis in America: A Community Under Pressure”, tonight at Augsburg College in Minneapolis. Presented by host Owen Bennett Jones, the program will air on Newshour Extra this Friday, March 31 and Saturday, April 1.


MPR News Prepared to Offer Coverage of St. Paul Protests

As reaction to Wednesday’s police shooting of Philando Castile develops in the Twin Cities, Minnesota Public Radio is prepared to offer live reporting and ongoing coverage. MPR News will monitor and cover protests and news conferences over the weekend, and will offer special coverage if a major situation arises. This coverage will be available free of charge to all APM affiliate stations.

We will communicate special coverage through Content Depot alerts and email as quickly, and with as much detail, as possible. We have also reserved a studio and will do our best to provide two-way opportunities with MPR News reporters.

Please contact your Station Representative with any questions.