Marketplace Offers Tools for Local Welfare Reform Coverage

Today marks “the end of welfare as we have come to know it,” when President Bill Clinton signed a bill that would dramatically transform the country’s welfare system.

Make a local connection by using the Marketplace database tool to pull charts, graphs and user-friendly information about how welfare spending has changed in your state since the passage of welfare reform. We call it: Your State on Welfare. Features include:

  • Both national and state-specific data detailing how welfare funds are spent (from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities) presented as a data tool exclusively by Marketplace
  • Shareable and embeddable charts, graphs and other visuals that explore this important data
  • State pages that highlight key findings

Opportunities for Your Station
We think you will agree that this is an important conversation, and we’ve created a variety of tools and assets to help you connect with your listeners:

  • All charts and graphs are easily embeddable on your own website and shareable; you can pull state-specific visuals for the following data:
    • Of every 100 poor families, how many received cash welfare
    • How many families received cash welfare benefits
    • How many families are poor vs. how many receive cash welfare
    • How welfare dollars are allocated, by category
    • Welfare distribution over time
  • Wraparound text is available
  • Sample tweets and social media available
  • Wealth & Poverty Team is available for interviews to discuss the data findings and reporting

All charts can be easily embedded on your website or shared on social media. Select “Browse Your State Data” at the bottom of the homepage to get started.

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