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Starting this fall and continuing into the new year, The Daily is adding two experienced journalists to the hosting seat. Sabrina Tavernise and Annie Correal (bios below) will join Michael Barbaro as regular guest hosts of the show. Here’s some background from the team at The New York Times: 

Michael’s paternity leave has allowed us to work with a number of guest hosts who have each brought their own expertise, style and experience to the hosting job. Sabrina Tavernise and Annie Correal are gifted journalists who bring real empathy and clarity to their reporting. 

Listeners already know Sabrina, who has been a guest host on many occasions. Sabrina, currently a national correspondent for The Times, has covered some of our most important stories from across the world, including Russia, Iraq, Pakistan and Turkey.  She covered the Iraq War for The Times, where in 2005 she was one of the first people to document ethnic cleansing. She has been an outstanding guest host of The Daily and we’re excited for listeners to hear even more from her soon. 

Annie is also one of The Times’s most creative and intrepid reporters. Since joining The Times in 2013, she has covered developments related to immigration, including the separated families crisis and the large migrant caravan that traveled from Central America to the United States border in late 2018. Before coming to The Times, she contributed reporting to This American Life and WNYC. She also helped found the Spanish-language storytelling podcast, Radio Ambulante. Her audio reporting chops and keen sense of storytelling make her supremely fit to step into this role.   

At this point, neither Sabrina nor Annie will be permanent co-hosts of the show. On occasion, listeners may hear other hosts previously heard (like Astead Herndon or Kevin Roose) during vacations or unexpected absences by one of the other hosts.  

What will remain the same? 

Michael Barbaro will still host the majority of shows and continues to have editorial input on the show’s broader coverage and on individual episodes. This guest hosting format will continue into the new year. The foundation and structure of The Daily will also remain the same. 


Michael and Sabrina host this fall through the end of the year; then Annie will join Michael as a guest host for several months starting in January. 

Operational Show Notes: 

  • Rundown: The episode host will be identified in the show rundown. 
  • Billboard, Credits & Episode Tune-In Promos: These show elements will be voiced by that day’s host. 
  • Custom Promos: These continue to be available upon request through our online form. Please indicate your preferred voice in the Special Instructions field. 
  • Generic Promos: We will be working on new generic show promos voiced by Sabrina and Annie to familiarize your audiences.  

We appreciate the feedback shared by stations in our survey earlier this summer. 

Please reach out to your Station Relations Representative with any questions or feedback. 

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Sabrina Tavernise – check out this conversation between Michael and Sabrina 

Sabrina Tavernise is a national correspondent covering demographics and is the lead writer for The Times on the Census, capturing major demographic shifts underway in the United States, including in mortality and fertility, race and ethnicity. 

Sabrina started at The Times in Moscow in 2000 and spent her first 10 years as a foreign correspondent, based in Russia, Iraq and Pakistan, and in Turkey, where she was the Istanbul bureau chief. In Iraq, she covered civilian casualties and documented the lives of ordinary Iraqis from 2003 to 2007, and was one of the first to identify sectarian cleansing in 2005. 

Before joining The Times, Sabrina was a freelance writer in Russia for publications including BusinessWeek. From 1997 to 1999, she worked for Bloomberg News in Moscow. 

Sabrina grew up in a rural town in western Massachusetts, where she picked blueberries for summer work. She went to Westfield High School and graduated from Barnard College in New York City in 1993. She moved to the eastern coast of Russia in 1995, to a town called Magadan, where she helped run a United States Agency for International Development-funded business training center.  She is now based in Washington. 

Annie Correal  

Annie Correal writes about immigrant communities in New York City and its environs. She has been a staff reporter at The New York Times since 2013. 

Since joining the Times, Ms. Correal has contributed breaking news coverage, long-form features and episodes for the “The Daily“ podcast on topics ranging from immigration to criminal justice and the opioid crisis. She has also traveled to Latin America and the American South to report stories of migration and migrant labor. 

In 2020, she was part of the Times team documenting the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on New York City. She reported a series of stories on the crisis in immigrant enclaves, including “The Epicenter,” a 10,000-word chronicle of the first wave of the coronavirus in Queens, a collaboration with Dan Barry and Todd Heisler, a photojournalist. 

Ms. Correal is a native Spanish speaker born in Colombia. She is a graduate of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and Princeton University. She was previously a public radio producer and reporter for El Diario and is a co-founder of the podcast Radio Ambulante.