Your week at a glance: August 1-7, 2022

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Marketplace (PM)

Week of August 1

  • Kai talks with James McCall, Chief Sustainability Officer at HP, at the HP/Sims ink cartridge recycling plant in Lavergne, TN.
  • Marketplace’s Andy Uhler visits West Texas’s Permian Basin to talk to oil companies that are sitting on permits to drill that they haven’t used. What’s the hold up?

Marketplace Tech

  • Marielle Segarra hosts Aug 1, Kimberly Adams on Aug 2, and Meghan McCarty Carino hosts Aug 3-5.
  • Aug 1: Marketplace reporter, Matt Levin investigates Apple’s expansion of its Car Play function with new software that will essentially serve as the operating systems of vehicle… if car manufacturers go for it.
  • Aug 2: A conversation with Brennan Center for Justice’s Rachel Levinson-Waldman, about automated license plate readers, and how law enforcement (and potentially other institutions) can use them to track criminals and others in a post-Roe environment.
  • Aug 3: We will dig into the details of a new Senate proposal that would devote $369 billion to fighting climate change, and how that influx of federal funding could boost climate tech (guest TBD).

On Point

  • Aug 1: Millions of people in the US take daily anti-depressants to regulate the amount of serotonin in their brains. It has been commonly understood by those millions of people that low levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter, is a leading cause of depression. But a new large-scale review of studies looking at the connection between serotonin levels and depression has made the public aware of something that the scientific community has long known –the connection between serotonin and depression doesn’t exist. On Point explores the ongoing debate over mental health medication and what this review tells us about how we should be treating depression
  • Aug 4: A government investigation has revealed that at the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, meatpacking companies were able to skirt Covid safety regulations with help – from as high as the White House. As a result, tens of thousands of workers got sick, and hundreds died. On Point looks into how meatpacking conglomerated chose profit over protecting their workers and got away with it.

Arts and Culture

Time Machine from The Current

August 5 – 2000

  • I’m Bill DeVille. The Time Machine heads backward to the year 2000 this time. Y2K went off without a hitch. You probably had no real use for that tub full of water, except for maybe a cold bath! U2 entered the new millennium w/a return to the old U2 sound. Coldplay dropped their debut album, which was all over the radio. Electronic music was gaining steam. Madonna recorded another savvy electronic dance album. Radiohead ditched their guitars in favor of a more electronic sound. Mixmaster Fatboy Slim released another big seller, thanks in part to Christopher Walken. Sade came back strong after an 8-year absence to raise her child. The film and soundtrack to O, Brother Where Art Thou breathed new life into older American sounds.
  • Beyond the world of music: Shaq & Kobe and the LA Lakers win their first NBA title in 12 years. It was the Subway series in New York with the Yankee’s defeating the Mets in 6. The U.S. presidential election was the closest in decades; Ultimately George W. Bush defeated Al Gore. We also learned what a chad and a dimpled ballot actually was. It’s the year 2000 on this episode of Time Machine from the Current.

The Splendid Table

Repeat episode – August 5

  • We are bringing you real-world stories of street vendors and other low-income food entrepreneurs starting their businesses. We visit alums of La Cocina, a groundbreaking kitchen incubator in San Francisco. Then, we look at culinary empowerment from another angle as we head to NYC for a lesson in chiles rellenos from an instructor from The League of Kitchens, an organization of women from around the world who welcome you into their homes and teach you their family recipes.
  • Please note, Francis and friends will be taking your culinary questions! Record your question or comment on your phone using your voice memo app and send it to us at or leave us a voice message at 800-537-5252. Be creative! Record with your friends!

Timely Selections

Shareable video of the week

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People Fixing the World: The game that shows people
how to spread fake news

fake news

  • Description: Researchers at Cambridge University have developed a video game that helps people to spot misinformation about Covid-19. Go Viral! shows players the methods used to spread fake news so they can identify it in future. A video for People Fixing the World by Mark Sedgwick.
  • Suggested social copy: The game that helps people spot misinformation about Covid-19.
  • Duration: 2 minutes 53 seconds

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APM Presents special of the week

Witness History: Virus Outbreaks and Breakthroughs

Broadcast Window: Aug 1 – 31, 2022

Length: One hour

From the Spanish influenza of 1918, to the SARs epidemic of the early 2000s – accounts from people who have suffered from viral diseases and those who have worked to find a cure. We’ll hear first-person accounts of major moments in the battle against infectious disease, as told by the people who were there. Questions? Please contact your Station Representative.