APM Weekly Sept 18 – 22



Marketplace (PM)

  • Kai talks to Kashmir Hill about her new book “Your Face Belongs to Us.”
  • Microsoft’s new AI tool for Microsoft Office is called “Co-Pilot”, evoking images of a friendly assistant there to help you safely land YOUR plane…not take over the cockpit. Google has gone with “Bard”, OpenAI “ChatGPT”…Marketplace’s Matt Levin looks at how companies are thinking about naming and branding their consumer facing AI tools. It’s a unique marketing challenge: Getting people to use your tool, without fearing it.

Marketplace Morning Report

  • Beginning Tuesday September 19th, Marketplace Morning Report will feature a series focused on tipping culture in the U.S, UK, and South Korea. We will explore the economics behind tipping, situations when it’s ok to not tip, who really benefits from new wellness charges and other additional fees that pop up on restaurant bills, how to navigate tipping fatigue, and more.

Marketplace Tech

  • Monday September 18: Marketplace’s Lily Jamali speaks with Lauren Goode, senior writer at Wired, about whether smartphone technology has peaked.
  • Tuesday September 19: Lily Jamali speaks with Semafor politics reporter Dave Weigel about whether tech is part of current presidential candidates platforms and campaigns.
  • Wednesday September 20: Private companies are racing to develop the tech for earthquake warning and alert systems. Investment used to be only funded by governments, but now that’s changing. The BBC’s Will Bain reports.

On Point

  • Monday, September 18: There’s growing momentum for U.S.-brokered negotiations to normalize relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel. We explore what’s at stake for the countries involved and what it could mean for the region.
  • Tuesday, September 19: With disgraced FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried just a couple of weeks away from going on trial, Bloomberg investigative journalist Zeke Faux joins Meghna to explain how Bankman-Fried fits into the full story of crypto and how so many others have made and lost billions out of something completely intangible. Faux has done extensive reporting on the boom and bust of crypto for his new book, ‘Number Go Up: Inside crypto’s wild rise and staggering fall’.
  • Wednesday, September 20: In the 1960s, there were advocates who wanted everyone to have access to psychedelics. There were also researchers who thought psychedelics should stay in the lab. Now, with psychedelics growing in popularity and inching towards legalization, in this reprise episode, we explore how the tensions between access, money and research are back too.
  • Thursday, September 21: Communities across the country are wiping out people’s medical debt. But they are not paying medical providers directly, instead they are paying debt collectors who have bundled these debts and are selling them to make a profit. On Point explores where this debt buying industry comes from, how it works, who benefits and who loses from it.

The Daily

Stories this week will include:

  • The rise and path to ubiquity for the drug Ozempic
  • An intimate look at the evolution of the Ukraine drone attack program
  • Writer Paul Tough will talk about Americans’ changing view of college

Arts and Culture

Splendid Table

September 22 – New episode

It’s an hour devoted to your questions this week and Francis gets some help from Jewish food writer Adeena Sussman author of Shabbat, Recipes and Rituals from My Table to Yours and JJ Johnson author of The Simple Art of Rice, Recipes from Around the World, For the Heart of Your Table.

Performance Today

  • Michelle Merrill leads ROCO in a performance of Louise Farrenc’s Symphony No. 1 in C minor from Houston
  • Daniela Liebman performs Prokofiev’s Sonata No. 3 in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Jason Vieaux performs works by Joaquin Rodrigo with the Williamsburg Symphony Orchestra
  • All-star performances of works by Ginastera from Festival Mozaic
  • A performance of Joseph Suk’s Piano Quartet in A Minor from Chamber Music Northwest

APM Presents special of the week

How to LA: DACA

Air Window: September 25 – November 30, 2023

In this one hour special, host Brian De Los Santos, a DACA recipient, talks about the hurdles and risks associated with leaving the U.S. and what it meant to go back to Mexico for the first time in 30 years – a place he may not be able to go back to again as DACA and a path to citizenship are in limbo.

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