APM Weekly May 13 – 17, 2024


Marketplace (PM)

  • Kai talks with Chicago Fed President Austan Goolsbee about the state of the economy and the latest Consumer Price Index out this week.
  • Kai talks with Rachel Wolfe, WSJ reporter, about her piece on 211 call centers and what they tell us about the economy right now.

Marketplace Morning Report

  • Monday May 13: Following a big union-vote win in Chattanooga, Tennessee in April, the United Autoworkers faces its next big test at Mercedes-Benz’s massive assembly-and-electric-battery complex near Tuscaloosa, Alabama. More than 5,000 production workers there vote in an NLRB-supervised election May 13-17 on joining the UAW. The union is spending $40 million in an attempt to organize 150,000 nonunion workers at foreign-owned auto plants, and domestically-owned EV-plants, across the South. Other unions are also trying to make inroads in the region, known for its right-to-work laws and historical resistance to unionization.

Marketplace Tech

Monday May 13: Marketplace’s Lily Jamali speaks with Mayor of Austin, TX, Kirk Watson about how the city is accommodating the influx of tech companies and workers, and what he makes of one big tech company’s recent decision to leave Austin – where it had recently relocated from Silicon Valley – to Nashville.

Wednesday May 15: Lily Jamali speaks with Jon Clifton, the CEO of Gallup, about how technology has impacted the art and science of polling.

On Point

  • Monday, May 13: The NCAA’s all-time scoring leader Caitlin Clark begins her WNBA career on Tuesday. Clark helped women’s college basketball see better TV ratings than their male counterpart last season. Can she have a similar impact in the pros?
  • Tuesday, May 14: What happens in the brain when you pray or meditate? The field of neurotheology seeks to understand the relationship between the human brain and spiritual revelations. Today, a second chance to hear Meghna’s conversation with Dr. Andrew Newberg from the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health. He’s a neuroscientist who studies the relationship between brain function and various mental states, including religious and spiritual experiences. (Rebroadcast)
  • Wednesday, May 15: The U.S. is developing a new nuclear bomb. In fact, it’s not really that new but an updated version of an existing bomb. Given the size of the existing U.S. nuclear arsenal, why does the U.S. need this new(ish) nuclear weapon?
  • Friday, May 17: Two of rap’s biggest stars are beefing. Drake and Kendrick Lamar have been firing diss tracks back and forth for weeks. This is far from the first recent rap beef — but it’s the biggest, with artists across the industry now weighing in. Why are Drake and Kendrick beefing? And what does it tell us about modern rap culture?

The Splendid Table

May 17 – Repeat episode

This week, we’re spending an hour with Culinary Historian Jessica B. Harris. Jessica has spent much of her life researching the food and foodways of the African Diaspora. She is the author of twelve books including, Iron Pots and Wooden Spoon: Africa’s Gifts to New World Cooking, her memoir, My Soul Looks Back, and High on the Hog: A Culinary Journey from Africa to America. High on the Hog was made into a Netflix documentary in 2021.


Performance Today

  • May 13: Pianist Inon Barnatan performs Franz Schubert’s Moments Musicaux at Spivey Hall in Morrow, GA.
  • May 14: ROCO performs Clarice Assad’s Ode to Carmen Miranda from Houston, TX.
  • May 15: A Far Cry performs music by Osvaldo Golijov from the Rockport Chamber Music Festival in Rockport, MA.
  • May 16: Flutist Julia Bogorad-Kogan performs Ulysses Kay’s Aulos for Solo Flute and Orchestra with the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra from St. Paul, MN.
  • May 17: Composer Missy Mazzoli speaks about her recent release “Dark with Excessive Bright”.

Classical 24

Extra Ecclectic with Steve Seel
Wed 10pm-12am CT

  • Music for personal growth is featured this week, including Fazil Say’s Cello Concerto subtitled Never Give Up, Nasim Khorassani’s “Growth,” and Kinan Azmeh’s “ On Anxiety.”

Euro Classic
Thurs 12am CT & Sat 8pm CT

  • May 16: The Casals Quartet, at home in Madrid, plays the String Quartet No. 35 by Haydn in a concert from March 2023.
  • May 18: Schubert specialist Paul Lewis plays one of Schubert’s final piano sonatas, the great A Major, D. 959, in a concert from Wigmore Hall in London in March 2024.

Your Classical Discoveries
Sat 4-7pm CT

  • May birthdays: Some big names like Tchaikovsky and Brahms (who disliked each other’s music despite sharing the SAME birthday…!), Aaron Copland, Franz Liszt, and Gabriel Faure are all featured this weekend.

APM Presents special of the week

Early Risers: Breaking Silence

Air Window: May 22 – September 4, 2024

In this hour, early childhood experts from around the country talk about the reasons many caregivers are not venturing into conversations about race, racism and cultural diversity and we look at the impact that has on our children, other BIPOC adults, and our early childhood programs. Finally, we explore ways to break down those barriers for the benefit of our children. We will answer the question- what is needed in our early childhood spaces to encourage the vulnerability and exploration caregivers need to enter into these essential conversations with young children?

Questions? Please contact your Station Representative.