What’s coming up from APM February 22-28

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Week of February 22 

Marketplace (PM) 

  • A look at what high inflation looks like in the economy – a historical explainer from Kai.
  • US visas issued to students from China have fallen – by a lot – in part because of the trade war and mostly because of the pandemic. In the last academic year ending in September, the State Department says only 12% of study visas were granted to mainland Chinese students, compared to 30% from the same period for 2019. And there are plenty more students who didn’t even get a chance to apply for US visas. Our China correspondent Jennifer Pak spoke to some of them and sent her report from Shanghai.   

Marketplace Tech

  • February 22: This week, Etsy reports earnings. Hear the origin story of how one woman started her first ever business of any kind, on Etsy, and is now thriving.  
  • February 25: Shopify, the ecommerce platform that helps stores sell their goods online, has grown a lot during the pandemic. But it has also faced increasing competition from others, like Facebook, trying to offer those same services. We speak with Shopify President Harley Finkelstein.       

On Point

  • February 22-23: Boston Globe senior opinion writer Kimberly Atkins hosts the program.    
  • February 24-26: Meghna returns to host the program for the remainder of the week.    


Performance Today

Performance Today listeners will hear a major musical work composed or performed by a Black artist each hour of the show, every day in the month of February.

The program regularly features BIPOC composers, conductors and performers, but this will be a special celebration of the contribution of Black artists during Black History Month. 

  • February 22: Fred talks with Simone Dinnerstein who decided to record a new album, by herself, in her apartment, during COVID pandemic quarantine last spring. 
  • February 25: An interview with Rapa Nui (Easter Island) pianist Mahani Teave. She has a new album that supports the community music school she operates for kids on Rapa Nui, one of the most remote islands in the Pacific Ocean.  

Arts and Culture

Time Machine from The Current

Time Machine from The Current is a sonic journey across music history. Each week, host Bill DeVille takes you back to the sounds of a specific year with a carefully curated list of the best songs. Plus, he’ll invite you to reexamine some deeper cuts as we look back on what happened that year in music, pop culture and the world.

February 26 – 1975:      

Classic albums from iconic artists like Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan & bands like Led Zeppelin & Pink Floyd, and a 6-minute suite by the band Queen became one of the biggest songs in rock history. The band War celebrated Latino car culture with the song Low Rider, Parliament brought the funk to the party while Fleetwood Mac recorded its first album with new members Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham and Abba was becoming an international phenomenon.

Outside the world of music, you probably got your first mood ring (remember those?) If you went to the movies you might have caught One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and thanks to the film Jaws we were all afraid of the water.

The Splendid Table

As The Splendid Table continues to take listener home cooking questions, please follow the program’s updates on Twitter and encourage listeners to send in their questions as voice memos to contact@splendidtable.org, or via phone at 800-537-5252.  

Encore episode – February 19: Food and Marriage   

  • We have an international love story built around Bosnian food with the couple behind Balkan Treat Box in St. Louis.  
  • We get dumpling and relationship advice from a long-time married Uzbek couple, Damira Inatullaeva and Sahib Aminov of the League of Kitchens.    
  • We have a story from writer Michaele Weissman about discovering that the key to understanding her husband is in the rye bread he loves.   
  • We sit down with Washington Post Food and Dining Editor and author of Cool Beans Joe Yonan and his husband Carl Mason to get the real story behind what it’s like to be married to a cookbook author.    

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